Survey: Are Weather Problems More Female?

Survey: Are Weather Problems More Female?

Headaches, circulatory problems and the like: Are weather complaints female?
In certain weather conditions or a change in the weather, many people react with physical complaints such as poor circulation, headaches, dizziness and nausea. Women in particular are sensitive to the weather, they say. But is that really true?

Are women more sensitive to the weather?
Bad weather can give people a headache: migraine sufferers often feel a change in weather hours earlier and can feel a change in temperature or a thunderstorm coming on clearly. Physical complaints such as circulatory problems caused by a change in the weather are common. It is usually said that women in particular are sensitive to the weather. This assumption also appears to be confirmed in a survey.

Older women suffer particularly
According to a representative survey by the health portal "", weather is more difficult for women than men. While only around one in six of the male interviewees described themselves as weather-sensitive or sensitive, one in three did so for the female respondents. Accordingly, older women suffer particularly. It is said that in the age group 70 plus almost every second respond to the weather according to their own statements. According to the information, the most common complaints of women with this problem are headache, circulatory problems, fatigue or fatigue as well as increased occurrence of joint and joint pain or rheumatic pain.

Weather change is most critical
The weather change is the most critical weather situation. In six out of ten of the women affected, the symptoms of their sensitivity to the weather or sensitivity are most common. This is followed by sultry weather, rapid changes in temperature, wet and cold weather, extreme heat, stormy weather and a hair dryer. The survey was carried out in personal interviews by GfK Marktforschung Nürnberg in 1,004 women and 965 men aged 14 and over. Among them were 342 women who describe themselves as sensitive to the weather. (ad)

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