Every fourth person in the European Union dies of cancer

Every fourth person in the European Union dies of cancer

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the EU
Cancer is a disease that is unfortunately very widespread. Every year, many people die from cancer. Now medical professionals are concerned with the question of how many people die from cancer in the European Union (EU) each year. The result is shocking: every fourth EU citizen dies of cancer.

There are countless types of cancer that can develop in our human body. Many of these cancers can be fatal. Cancer is widespread in Europe. The EU statistics office Eurostat (http://appsso.eurostat.ec.europa.eu/nui/show.do) summarized how many people die of cancer each year in the EU in the form of current statistics on the occasion of World Cancer Day. The Deutsche Ärzteblatt (http://www.aerzteblatt.de/nachrichten/65633) reports on the basis of the data that around one in four deaths in the EU is due to cancer.

Cancer is the leading cause of death in some EU countries
Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the EU. In some countries, such as the Netherlands or France, the disease is even the main cause of death. But how many people actually die every year from the consequences of cancer? The EU statistics office Eurostat published data on deaths caused by cancer on World Cancer Day. It shows that in 2013, more than a quarter of deaths (26 percent) in the EU were cancer-related. Cancer was responsible for nearly 1.3 million deaths in the European Union, explains the German Medical Gazette. The number of deaths varies in different age groups. It appears that cancer deaths decrease somewhat in later age. In people under the age of 65, cancer was responsible for more than a third of all deaths. This corresponds to around 37 percent of all deaths in the European Union. Cancer deaths in people over the age of 65 were just under a quarter or 23 percent, reports the Deutsche Ärzteblatt.

25 percent of German deaths are caused by cancer
The data also show that lung cancer is the most common fatal cancer in men. However, most women in the EU die from breast cancer. A total of 224,386 people died from cancer in Germany in 2013, of which 122,056 were men and 102,330 were women. Cancer deaths in Germany accounted for around 25 percent of total deaths in 2013. Despite these frightening numbers, there have also been some successes in the fight against cancer. Much progress has been made in some cancers in recent years. For example, there are extreme improvements in the therapeutic options for some forms of skin cancer, blood and lung cancer, experts from the Association of Researching Pharmaceutical Companies (vfa) explain to the German Medical Association. There have been no projects for a therapy area more than for an improved treatment of cancer. This process can be observed internationally, but also applies particularly to Germany, explains the managing director of vfa Birgit Fischer.

According to the German Medical Gazette, pharmaceutical companies and biotech companies often no longer work completely independently, but most of them team up with other companies. There are also collaborations between such companies and the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) or other public research institutions. The “Lead Discovery Center”, which was founded by the Max Planck Society, is one of these, Fischer adds in the contribution of the Ärzteblatt. The motto of this year's day of cancer is: “We can. I can". And on World Cancer Day, a total of 770 member organizations of the world cancer organization "Union Internationale Contre le Cancer" (UICC) from 155 different countries were involved, reports the German Medical Association. (as)

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