Studies: Potatoes can increase the risk of gestational diabetes

Studies: Potatoes can increase the risk of gestational diabetes

Pregnant women shouldn't eat too many potatoes, a recent study advises
For many Germans, potatoes are part of a decent warm meal. However, pregnant women should be careful with the good-tasting bulbs. American scientists from the National Institutes of Health have now found that pregnant women may be at increased risk of diabetes if they eat a lot of potatoes during their pregnancy.

In pregnancy, mothers should be careful about eating potatoes. The current study found that pregnant women are at increased risk of developing diabetes if they consume potatoes often. The results of their study were published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ).

Potato consumption during pregnancy increases the risk of diabetes
The potato is one of the most important foods in the world. Many people consume potatoes several times a week. There are countless ways to process potatoes. Whether pureed, fried, baked or cooked - potatoes are always a tasty meal. However, pregnant women should be careful with the so-called potato, experts from America now warned. A recent study found that regular consumption of potatoes increases the risk of diabetes in pregnant women. If pregnant women eat potatoes two to four times a week, their risk of developing diabetes increases by up to 27 percent, the doctors explained. Potatoes contain a lot of starch, which can trigger a sharp rise in blood sugar levels.

Negative effects of potatoes in pregnancy
For their study, the researchers examined and observed more than 21,000 pregnancies. The experts analyzed the subjects' total potato consumption. According to the results of the current study, high potato consumption can be linked to an increased risk of diabetes, the American medical staff explained. Even if pregnant women only eat one serving of potatoes a week, their risk of developing diabetes increases by about twenty percent compared to women who do not eat potato dishes. Women eat five servings of potatoes in a week, according to the scientists, the risk of diabetes increases by as much as 50 percent. Pregnant women should simply replace two servings of potatoes with vegetables, legumes and whole grains, the researchers advised. Although potatoes are rich in vitamin C, potassium and fiber, they also contain large amounts of quickly absorbable starch, the experts added. This could have negative effects on our glucose metabolism. High potato consumption has been linked to insulin resistance and an increased risk of type 2 diabetes in previous studies.

Healthy and active lifestyle protects against gestational diabetes
Pregnancy creates additional requirements for the female body. Some women develop diabetes at this point. The so-called gestational diabetes usually disappears after the birth of the child. However, the disease can trigger long-term health risks for the mother and her child. Gestational diabetes can be treated with diet and exercise, but some women need medication to keep their blood sugar levels under control. Women with gestational diabetes could develop pre-eclampsia and high blood pressure during pregnancy, warned Cuilin Zhang, the lead author of the study from the National Institutes of Health. This could have a negative effect on the fetus, and in the long run the mother could develop a high risk of type 2 diabetes.

Eating potatoes before pregnancy cannot be directly linked to an increased risk of gestational diabetes, but there are signs of a connection, said the British doctor Dr. Emily Burns from "Diabetes UK". Women should generally reduce their risk of gestational diabetes by paying attention to their weight, living actively, and eating a healthy and balanced diet, the doctor added. (as)

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