Diet: are cigarettes or schnapps good for digestion?

Diet: are cigarettes or schnapps good for digestion?

What is it about known digestive myths?
Smoking a cigarette after a long and rich meal should our digestion help? At least that's a common idea. But does a cigarette really help our stomach and intestines digest faster? What are just digestive myths and what are some serious pieces of advice that can help us relieve our stomach?

Holidays are usually greasy and eaten a lot. However, these days of gluttony can be very stressful for our digestive tract. Many people believe that in such cases a cigarette can quickly remedy the situation. But is that true at all? Does a cigarette really help our digestion? The German press agency dpa now interviewed some experts on this topic.

Eating on Christmas days is a challenge for our stomach
There are usually many opportunities to attend opulent banquets over the Christmas holidays. For example, during the day we eat Christmas goose with a number of side dishes, in the afternoon there are cakes or homemade cookies and in the evening we sit together with the whole family for a raclette. Such eating orgies are of course a real challenge for our stomach and intestines. After a long meal, the smoker likes to reach for a cigarette to support his digestive tract. But does a cigarette really boost human digestion? It's time to test some of these common digestive myths for truth.

Dirt cleans the stomach
Everyone has experienced this situation in their childhood, just as we want to put a piece of chocolate in our mouth, it falls down on the sandy floor. What are we doing at the moment? Can you still eat such a dirty piece of chocolate? There is this clever saying that probably everyone has heard: “Dirt cleans the stomach.” But is this really true? The human stomach cleans itself, the stomach acid it contains is so strong that it is able to kill almost all bacteria, Sebastian Haag of the Gastro-Liga explained in a press release from the German press agency dpa. The stomach acid has a natural protective function. However, it is possible for us to further strengthen this protective function.

The human defense system is trained especially in the first years of life. So the body has the chance to get used to many bacteria in childhood, Haag added. For this reason, parents should never use disinfectants too often in young children. The body then misses the opportunity to get used to some bacteria at an early stage. Thus, the affected person's immune system can be weakened in later life. Dirt can also really help your stomach. There would be special so-called healing earths that really help with various stomach problems, such as heartburn, Haag explained to the dpa. Such healing earths consist of ingredients such as aluminum and magnesium. These substances help protect our stomach from bacteria.

Do cigarettes really stimulate human digestion?
If smokers have eaten too much, they often grab a cigarette after eating. Most people are convinced that the cigarette after eating stimulates our digestion. Is that true, or is it just a myth? Smoking a cigarette can help human digestion. The parasympathetic nerve is stimulated in our brain, this process leads to increased gastric juice production, Katharina Stapel from the German Nutrition Society told dpa. This of course also stimulates bowel activity and digestion. So of course you can say that cigarettes really help digestion. But despite this fact, cigarettes should never be used as a kind of digestive aid after an opulent meal, Stack added.

Natural ways to support digestion
Are there natural ways to support our gut? For example, can we stimulate our digestion by choosing our food? Fresh foods contain a lot of fiber and auxiliary substances. These can help our intestines improve their productivity. So it is advisable to consume lots of whole grains, fruits and vegetables to support our gut activity. In addition, we should drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day. In addition, compared to a cigarette, regular exercise is a digestive aid that is even good for our lungs instead of harming them, Stack added in a press release from dpa. (As)

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