Distraction helps with nightly brooding over the job

Distraction helps with nightly brooding over the job

Nightly brooding over work - distraction can help
If you can't sleep properly at night because of thoughts about work, there is no point rolling around in bed. The brooding over the forgotten mail, the important date or the big order will not be less. It only helps distraction.

Thinking about work at night
Sleep disorders caused by stressful work are common. Some people are wide awake in bed, even though it is not even four in the morning. Instead of sleeping in peace, thoughts are at work in the middle of the night. Then they ponder the seemingly endless to-do list or the project that just doesn't get ready. According to Prof. Tim Hagemann, in such a situation it makes no sense to roll back and forth in bed. Often this only leads to frustration, the industrial psychologist at the Diakonie University of Applied Sciences in Bielefeld said in a message from the dpa news agency.

Distraction helps
According to the expert, it can then be a way to distract yourself and listen to radio plays or radio, for example. This leads to other thoughts, in the best case you fall asleep again. Another option could be to get up, make a tea and read a few pages in the kitchen. Often after half an hour you notice how you get tired and can lie down again. Sometimes it can help others to write down the nightly thoughts. Because then they disappeared from your head and it is easier to fall asleep again. Some home remedies for sleep disorders also work quite well. Many health experts recommend relaxation exercises to reduce stress, such as autogenic training. As a result, hours of waking up can often be avoided. (ad)

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