Very bad omen? Cow gives birth to calf with two heads

Very bad omen? Cow gives birth to calf with two heads

Cow gives birth to two-headed calf
The birth of a two-headed calf in Peru has received media attention worldwide, although such so-called dicephalia (two heads, one body) are quite common. Most recently, the “Daily Mail” reported in May the birth of a two-headed calf on a farm in Florida. Normally, these special forms of Siamese twins would hardly be able to survive in animals, but two-headed calves can also survive for some time in human husbandry.

Even the two-headed calf in the Peruvian village cannot get up on its own and relies on feeding, since its two heads are too heavy for the neck muscles. Otherwise the calf makes a very healthy impression. However, it is questionable how long the animal will survive with the dicephaly. For now, however, the calf remains a worldwide sensation.

Siamese twins in animals
According to the Daily Mail, the two-headed calf has an ambivalent effect on the villagers. While some view the unusual shape of the calf as a good omen, others see this as a warning from God about evil in the world. Ultimately, however, there is only a mutation behind the phenomenon, as they also have Siamese twins in humans. (fp)

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