Infection risk ?: Go out with wet hair: Doesn't that make you sick?

Infection risk ?: Go out with wet hair: Doesn't that make you sick?

Myth? Does going out with wet hair really make you sick?
"Blow dry your hair, otherwise you will still get your death," is the old saying. In our hectic daily routine, some people don't even have time to blow-dry their hair after washing. If you go out with wet hair, you endanger your health. At least that's what many think. But is that really true? We asked questions and received amazing answers.

Health myths from grandmother's time
Vitamin C prevents colds ”,“ The blisters can catch cold on cold floors ”: These and similar myths from grandmother's times are widespread. Some are true, some are not, and for some there is neither clear evidence nor unequivocal refutation. In any case, you should change wet swimsuits and swimming trunks immediately after swimming to avoid cystitis. Health experts have recently pointed this out. The assumption that you get sick when you leave the house with wet hair is also common. In an announcement, an expert explained what the suspicion is really about.

Bacteria have no chance against a strong immune system
Stephan Bernhardt from the General Practitioners' Association in Berlin and Brandenburg believes that you have to answer questions with yes and no. "You don't get sick from wet hair, but from bacteria," says the doctor. Bernhardt explained that the body constantly fights bacteria and thus protects us from diseases. For example, if you freeze because of wet hair, it is harder for the body to fight off all bacteria. Cold feet also increase the risk that pathogens can be fought less effectively.

If the immune system is strong enough, the bacteria would have no chance even with wet hair. According to the experts, it is a matter of getting used to it, because "if you often go out with wet hair, you get used to the fact that you lose heat through your head". As Bernhardt says, it also depends a little on what you tell yourself: "If you think hard of a cold, if you go out with wet hair, you will get one." (Ad)

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