Study: women recognize fewer fake photos

Study: women recognize fewer fake photos

Affiliate exchanges on the Internet are becoming increasingly popular. Those who do not present themselves well usually have little chance of making contact. This entices quite a few to edit their profile picture accordingly and thus change it. A recent US study showed that women are apparently gullible.

Petra R. (37) has been looking for a new partner for a few months. Various online partner exchanges are also used for this. She has already had her first experience. “Most of the time the men look different at the first meeting than on the profile pictures. Not infrequently more overweight ”. And yet she keeps falling for it. Most women seem to be like Petra.

Anyone looking for a partner online wants to present themselves attractively. The “Apotheken Umschau” explains how a beautiful photo is received, referring to a study by researchers from the University of Connecticut (USA). These showed 305 young people the portrait of a man and a woman. The photos were available in an unchanged and an edited version. Men rated the embellished person as more attractive, but also less credible. Still, they would have preferred to meet the better looking person. Women found the optimized male version more beautiful and credible, the researchers sum up. (sb)

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