Against stress and tension: These are suitable massages

Against stress and tension: These are suitable massages

Welllness: These massages relieve pain and reduce stress levels
There are many massages. Most are suitable for relaxation and stress relief. But some are also there to relieve pain and tension. But be careful: not every massage fits every illness or relaxation variant. Here is a brief overview.

Most of the time, the light is dim in massage facilities. The body lies on a professional massage table. The towels are pre-warmed, hands of experienced therapists relieve tension and help reduce stress. This is how it should be best. The positive properties of a massage are enormous. On the one hand, the blood circulation in the locally treated parts of the body is promoted. Among other things, this improves the cell metabolism in the tissue. The connective tissue and the skin are relaxed. The blood pressure drops and the pulse rate drops. As a result, we reduce stress and relax mentally but also physically. By releasing tension, the patient experiences pain relief. The vegetative nervous system but also reflex arches are positively influenced. Adhesions and scars are loosened.

Swedish massage

Most people know the classic medical massage. Spa salons mostly refer to “Swedish massage. Targeted grips, kneading and painting relieve pain. But be careful: such massages always belong to specialist massage therapists. "You can talk to him about whether you prefer a strong or lighter massage," says cosmetician Angelika Baur-Schermbach, owner of a day spa in Munich, to "Welt". If the massage is painful, the patient should inform the patient immediately. Under no circumstances should one simply endure the pain. Because that often leads to further tension and even more pain. It makes sense to let the therapist know if individual areas are to be treated more intensively. However: "Anyone who has had or has problems with the intervertebral disc should not book a massage," warns Frank Quast from the Association of Physical Therapy in Hamburg. Because "the problems could be exacerbated," says Sven Teurich, massage therapist from Hanover. Complaints that have already been overcome can also reappear. For this reason, patients with a herniated disc should consult their orthopedic surgeon beforehand.

Oil massage

A classic massage can also be supplemented with aromatic oil. Fragrant oils are used here. These have a calming and stimulating effect. Anyone who gets itchy skin should contact the therapist beforehand. Then it is possible to take a so-called hyperallergenic oil.

Chocolate massage

Women especially love the chocolate massage. The "Hot Chocolate Massage" is a mix of shea butter, cocoa butter and chocolate. This creates an enchanting fragrance. The chocolate cream is distributed gently and with long movements on the back. The massages not only experience a "deep relaxation" but the skin is literally pampered. This is primarily about relaxation of the soul and less about releasing tension, ”says Teurich.

Cold stone massage

There are numerous areas of application in naturopathy to relieve back pain. One of them is the so-called “cold stone massage”. This form of therapy has a relaxing and vitalizing effect. Dr. med. Linda Tan specialist for general medicine and naturopathy: "This massage has a relaxing and vitalizing effect, you can use it on the whole body." The treatment is primarily used for swollen legs, low back pain and lymph congestion. The form of treatment alleviates the symptoms. ” Everyone can use the Cold Stone Massage at home - no specialists are required, ”said Dr. Tan. The cold stone massage is often used as a supplement to the hot variant of the “hot stone massage”. The stones are cooled down to minus 10 degrees in the freezer area before treatment. Marble stones are best suited because these stones can best store the coolness.

The stones should be up to 3 cm in diameter and lie flat on the skin. During the massage, the chilled stones are only placed briefly on the affected areas of the body or used directly during a massage. Warmth-cold stimuli create tensions, which the body balances again. This releases tension. Another positive feature is that the metabolism is stimulated and the vessels are trained.

Hot stone massage

The hot variant is called "Hot Stone Massage". Lava stones are heated here because they can store the heat for a very long time. The massaged person lies down on the hot stones and turns on his stomach. The stones are placed on the palms and soles of the feet because the nerve ends converge there. Now massage with the stones. The massage goes "deep into the tissue". Then the stones are placed along the spine. If you have a rather thin or poorly perfused skin, you shouldn't do a hot stone massage. However, good practitioners ask beforehand whether this is the case.

"Cold and warmth stimuli are part of naturopathy and make sense," Lutz Hertel of the German Wellness Association in Düsseldorf told "Welt". "But before a hot stone massage it is not checked whether a person is reacting better to cold or heat." So there are so-called "thermo types". These people are more likely to need warmth. Others react better to cold. "How warm and cold have effects is still too little known." Patients with high blood pressure or people with low blood pressure should choose a different massage, according to the expert.

Lomi Lomi massage

The Lomi Lomi application is a very sensual and extraordinary massage experience. It comes from Hawaiian naturopathy. It is more spiritual and is supposed to bring the body, the soul and the spirit into harmony. However, blockages are definitely solved, says Teurich. The masseur moves around the customer to traditional Hawaiian music. With soft stroking units and gentle handles, not only the hands, but also the elbows, arms and feet are used. "It also strokes the breasts and also touches between the legs on the inside of the thighs," explains the beautician. "It is quite intimate, but not sexual at all." However, you should be clear about this fact in advance, otherwise you cannot let yourself go.

Reflexology massage

The foot massage is not for everyone. Here, too, the massages must be able to drop. However, a reflexology massage may only be carried out by well-trained doctors or alternative practitioners. A targeted pressure on the foot affects the whole organism. A pressure massage of the foot reflex zone points should alleviate many organic complaints. While the foot reflex zone massage is controversial among conventional doctors, the procedure has long since found its way into naturopathy. Since the beginning of the 20th century, people in the USA and Europe have been using acupressure-like technology on their feet, which is probably based on ancient Indian knowledge.

It is important for all massages that the treated people ask about the training of the practitioner beforehand. Because with all massages many mistakes can happen. (sb)

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