The doctors' vaccination campaign is aimed particularly at adults

The doctors' vaccination campaign is aimed particularly at adults

Statutory health insurance associations start information campaign
The National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV) and the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians have launched an information campaign on measles vaccination “in view of the continuing measles wave”, with which adults should also be targeted. "More than half of all measles cases currently affect adolescents and adults who are not or not sufficiently vaccinated," the KBV said.

“Info cards in pop art style” were developed for the campaign, with which doctors want to draw more attention to measles vaccinations in the coming weeks. The appeal is particularly aimed at adults who were born after 1970 and often do not have adequate vaccination protection. "According to the Robert Koch Institute, just under 60 percent of the 18- to 44-year-olds received the first measles vaccination, even fewer people the second vaccination," the KBV said.

Measles wave occasion for the information campaign
Due to the current measles wave in Berlin, the statutory health insurance associations have decided on the information campaign. Because “measles is not a harmless childhood disease. They can be accompanied by serious complications such as pneumonia or inflammation of the brain, ”said Regina Feldmann, board member of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV). The prevention initiative appeals to all adults to check their vaccination protection and, if necessary, to have the vaccination rescheduled. Vaccination would also protect people in their environment who cannot be vaccinated, such as infants in the first months of life or immunocompromised people, from infection. In addition, severe courses in adolescents and adults are significantly more common than in children.

Information sheets for medical practices
The information cards are laid out in the waiting rooms of the doctor's offices, among other things, and provide information on who should be vaccinated against measles, according to the KBV. Two detailed patient information on the subject - one for vaccination for adults and one for vaccination of children. would also be provided by the statutory health insurance associations. The information sheets explain the basics of the infectious disease and tell patients "what consequences an illness can have, how the vaccination works and what side effects can occur", reports the KBV.

Measles vaccination is recommended for adults under certain conditions
It was only in 2010 that the Standing Vaccination Commission (STIKO) extended its recommendation on standard vaccination against measles to younger adults. Since then, in addition to the two vaccinations of children and adolescents up to the age of 18, all adults born after 1970 have been recommended a single vaccination if they have not previously been vaccinated against measles or have only been vaccinated once in childhood or if the vaccination status against measles is unclear. These STIKO recommendations have been included in the vaccination guideline of the Federal Joint Committee, which specifies which vaccinations are the standard benefits of statutory health insurance. (fp)

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