750 new cases of diabetes every day

750 new cases of diabetes every day

World Diabetes Day: 750 new cases of diabetes every day

On the occasion of World Diabetes Day, experts draw attention to the causes and risks of diabetes. This year's motto is "Healthy eating starts with breakfast". One of the main risk factors for the metabolic disorder is overweight. With a balanced diet and exercise, type 2 diabetes can therefore often be prevented. In Germany alone, about six million people are older than that A further significant increase in the number of cases is expected in the coming years. In an interview with the news agency "dpa", Thomas Danne, chief physician at the children's and adolescent hospital on the Bult in Hanover and CEO of the German Diabetes Aid emphasizes that new medicines alone are not enough to solve the problem, which is where politicians are challenged, according to the physician.

Diabetes is a dangerous metabolic disease "Diabetes is a widespread disease," explains Danne. In Germany alone, around six million people are affected by type diabetes - a third more than 15 years ago. According to expert estimates, 600 million people worldwide could be by 2035 suffer from the insidious disease, statistically around 750 people are diagnosed with diabetes every day in Germany, and three patients die every hour from the consequences of diabetes.

In 95 percent of the cases, those affected are type 2 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes occurs much less often, but the number of patients is increasing here too. Genetic factors play a role in type 1 diabetes, while overweight, lack of exercise and stress are the main risk factors in type 2 diabetes. However, environmental pollution such as high particulate matter emissions should also favor the disease, as more recent data show.

Diabetes is a dangerous metabolic disorder that can lead to life-threatening complications such as heart attack, high blood pressure, stroke and kidney failure. Early diagnosis and therapy is therefore particularly important.

Diabetes is favored by obesity
The main reason for the sharp increase in diabetes patients is the growing number of overweight people, explains diabetes researcher Matthias Tschöp from the Helmholtz Zentrum München to the news agency. “We just can't get the problem under control. To date, we have no medication for obesity, "says the doctor. The only option at the moment would be surgery, such as the insertion of a gastric bypass. Tschöp is therefore researching new active ingredients that simultaneously fight obesity and diabetes." We need medication that does a lot are more effective than today. " To do this, it starts with the different fat cells in the body. "There are fat cells that don't store fat, but burn it," he explains. Tschöp and his colleagues from the Helmholtz Center are trying to find out how to distinguish "good" brown fat from "bad" white fat. "We have to do it, convert white to brown fat cells - cells that store calories convert to cells that burn calories. " However, this principle of operation is still unclear.

Politicians, doctors and the food industry must work together
Pediatrician Danne is campaigning for a national diabetes action plan. "18 EU countries already have it, Germany is lagging behind." According to the doctor, the plan aims to tie the interests of doctors, politics and the food industry. In addition, a central diabetes register should be introduced. "We still know far too little about how people are treated, "explains Danne. In the summer, the federal government approved a national diabetes plan. Now the politicians are on the move, the pediatrician says.

A lot needs to be improved, especially when it comes to early detection. "High sugar doesn't hurt," says Danne. For this reason, many of those affected only noticed their illness when secondary illnesses appeared.

Don't exclude people with diabetes
Despite the partially avoidable risk factors, Tschöp emphasizes that people with diabetes should not be stamped according to the motto "It's your own fault". "There are genetic reasons for obesity, many people with the will alone have no chance at all." Not everyone who is overweight also gets diabetes. On the other hand, people with normal weight are also affected by the disease. "Life is not fair there," adds Danne. Diabetes has developed into a social problem that cannot be solved with new medicines alone. "Our society does not make healthy life easy," said the pediatrician.

At World Diabetes Day on November 14, experts want to educate about the disease and show how a normal life is possible despite diabetes. (ag)

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