Women: rather independent after parental leave

Women: rather independent after parental leave

Women tend to become self-employed after parental leave

As Die Welt kompakt reports with reference to a study by the Institute for Small Business Research (IfM) in Bonn, women tend to become self-employed after a baby break and start a company. The reasons for this, according to Rosemarie Kay from the IfM, are, among other things, “the desire or the need to combine gainful employment and child rearing. Self-employment offers better opportunities for this. "According to Kay, her study shows, among other things," that the motivation for founding "reconciling work and family life" has a positive influence on the propensity to start and the implementation of women. "

Another possible reason for "a higher propensity for women to start a job - primarily for highly qualified and strongly job-oriented women" she sees "in a fundamentally lower assessment of the productivity of women by employers, who rate women on the basis of statistical average values." “(Longer) career breaks are seen as an indication of a lower employment orientation by the (potential) employer”, and therefore, according to Kay, women have less chances of an adequate job. Both increase the propensity to start up according to their study.

Lack of employment guarantee after parental leave causes strong motivation to start a business. "Interruptions in employment significantly increase the likelihood of starting a business if they are not linked to an employment guarantee. In addition, "the more likely and the longer a woman stops working due to family reasons, the more likely it is to start a business," says Kay.

“On the other hand, parenting-related career breaks with the right to return to the previous employer tend to have no influence on the tendency of women to start up. The employment guarantee therefore does not counter start-ups, but does not promote them either, ”Kay said in a press release from IfW Bonn.

According to Welt.de, 6058 women were taken into account, of whom 1463 founded a company at least once in their lives. (jp)

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