Hearing loss: Wear hearing aids

Hearing loss: Wear hearing aids

The patient's cooperation is largely responsible for success

Hearing loss suffers from the age of 60. At 70, more than every second person is affected. But many young people also have hearing problems. Stress and prolonged exposure to noise, for example due to loud music on iPod & Co., are considered to be favorable factors for hearing loss. Overall, environmental noise in the environment has increased significantly in the past 20 years. One problem with treatment is that patients often ignore the disease. This is pointed out by the HNOnet NRW medical network.

"We specialists are often faced with the problem that, although we have recognized the problem, patients are not accepting help," confirms Dr. Walter, CEO of HNOnet-NRW. Sometimes people simply ignore the disease because they don't want to admit to hearing loss and think they can still hear well. In other cases, patients do not even realize that they are hearing impaired. Because especially at the beginning they still hear well in the low frequency range and only no longer perceive higher frequencies. The brain is also able to compensate for incipient hearing loss over a long period of time. Many therefore only feel the loss of listening skills when it is almost too late and the brain has forgotten to hear. Regular check-ups from the age of 50 are therefore important. Most of the time, friends and relatives also point out that their hearing is deteriorating. Paying attention to these pointers is important advice.

"However, if the disease is ignored, this usually leads to a further loss of hearing skills," explains Dr. Walter. Background: If nerve structures no longer receive impulses, they wither. This means that they will later no longer be able to correctly process the noise transmitted by the hearing aid. Hearing aids are the most important aid for hearing loss and can be prescribed by the ENT doctor at the expense of the health insurance companies. They are also almost invisible today, so that cosmetic concerns are also unnecessary. (pm)

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