IPhone burned a woman's chest

IPhone burned a woman's chest

iPhone burned a wound in a woman's chest at night

For many people, the smartphone is a constant companion. For a young woman, falling asleep with her iPhone was fatal. As always, she left the phone beside her when she went to bed. When she woke up, she had a 15 centimeter burn on her chest. Apparently the cell phone had caused this wound.

A huge hole burned on the chest The iPhone is a constant companion for many people. This also applies to 24-year-old Dionne Baxter from Great Britain. "I connected the iPhone to the charger to charge the battery," the young woman told the English magazine "Daily Mail". The woman finally fell asleep next to the charging smartphone. When she woke up the next morning, she felt a severe pain in her left breast. "My iPhone burned a huge hole in my bosom," the woman told the newspaper. "The phone was so hot that I couldn't touch it with the heat," stressed the cellphone victim.

The newspaper further reported that the woman apparently lay down on the iPhone and slept on during the night. As a result, the mobile phone has heated up and caused an approximately 15 centimeter burn on the chest. When Dionne woke up she went straight to a clinic. Once there, the wound was treated with antibiotic agents. The doctors also administered pain medication to the patient.

Banishing cell phones from the bedroom As the process progressed, the area caught fire and continued to cover the entire chest. In the interview, the young mother said: "I am currently unable to breastfeed my daughter. I also fear that I can breastfeed a child with this broken breast at all. ”The incident was a real shock to the family:“ Imagine if my daughter had slept on this side of the bed and had the cell phone her face burned. ”The manufacturer has not yet commented on the incident. However, experts advise to ban the cell phones from the bedroom anyway for a variety of reasons. (sb)

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