Vegan diet good or bad?

Vegan diet good or bad?

Vegan diet: all cheese or how? IKK health consultants explain risks and benefits - free nutritional advice for insured persons

Vegan nutrition is on everyone's lips. According to the Vegetarian Association (VEBU), there are around 800,000 vegans in Germany - and the trend is rising. Vegans not only do without meat like the vegetarians, they also reject the use of any animal products in their diet. For example: No eggs, no milk, no cheese.

Since reliable studies have so far been lacking, this diet is controversial. "In the opinion of most nutritionists, vegan nutrition is completely healthy and also needs-based," says Marie-Louise Conen, nutritionist at the IKK Südwest.

If the food is selected incorrectly, however, calories, vitamins, minerals or protein can occur. Vegans should pay particular attention to the protein intake in the form of legumes, cereals, rice, soy and nuts. Vitamin B12 is also important. regulates the formation of red blood cells. In most cases, vitamin B12 is useful as a dietary supplement.

Many people who have switched to vegan have noticed positive changes in their health. For example, low-fat and low-cholesterol food causes better blood lipid levels. Dietary fiber prevents gastrointestinal diseases and strengthens the immune system. Especially with skin diseases and allergies, vegans report great success effects after changing their diet.

Basically everyone can become vegan. "However, a doctor should be consulted beforehand with pregnant women, children and competitive athletes," advises Marie-Louise Conen. It is also important not to start abruptly from one day to the next, but to gradually change the eating plan.

Nevertheless: a portion of common sense does no harm. Because a vegan lifestyle does not automatically mean that you live a healthy life - just as eating meat is not automatically unhealthy. "It depends on what and how much is eaten and how the body reacts to it," emphasizes the IKK nutritionist. (pm)

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