As of July, apparently less money for midwives

As of July, apparently less money for midwives

Less money for midwives from July?

Negotiations to increase support for midwives due to liability premiums have failed for the time being. The GKV umbrella association and the German midwifery association could not agree on cost compensation because of different ideas.

Funds and associations cannot agree

Free obstetrics in Germany has been under threat for years because of high insurance fees. More and more midwives have to give up. Now the dispute about the rising liability premiums between midwifery associations and the umbrella organization of statutory health insurance (GKV) has intensified. The health insurers and associations were unable to agree on cost compensation for the premiums, which rose to 5091 euros from July this year. An arbitration board must now be involved. The problem primarily concerns midwives with relatively few births, because the compensation payments from the health insurers are not enough.

Increased liability costs for midwives

The GKV umbrella association sees the blame for this with the midwives. As the head association announced, the midwifery associations had asked for a total of four million euros instead of the statutory compensation for the increased liability costs of two million euros. The German Midwifery Association (DHV) contradicts this. DHV Presidium member Katharina Jeschke said: "The health insurance companies are not prepared to adequately compensate for the proven additional burden on midwifery midwives." The midwives working in midwifery would be dependent on the "security surcharge" planned by the Federal Minister of Health Hermann Gröhe (CDU) if the health insurance companies were to offer them been.

Compensation for childbirth could decrease

The midwifery associations would mix the question of the cost of professional liability with "general fee claims", the accusation of the health insurance companies. The umbrella organization believes that the model proposed by the health insurers would have brought a solution to midwives with just a few births. An agreement is urging according to cash register information, since after July 1st a previously agreed surcharge expires. The allowance for a birth could then decrease. Nationwide, around 2,500 freelance midwives would be affected. In contrast, an agreement has already been reached for midwives who offer preventive care or postnatal care.

Midwife talks about the seriousness of the situation

How dramatic the situation is for many midwives, Birgit Dreyer, midwife and co-partner of the Eilenriede birth house in Hanover, explained in an interview with "" at the end of last year: "There are regions in Germany that no longer offer non-clinical obstetrics." And the situation will become even more problematic in the future: “Smaller birthing centers will not be able to last long. And new young colleagues will no longer dare to take the step into freelance for reasons of existence. ”Dreyer explained that the increase in professional liability insurance affects“ the midwives who offer midwifery at home, in the birthing center or as midwifery assistants ”. (sb)

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